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About Wekiwa Gardens

About Us


Wekiwa Gardens, Inc. is a Wholesale Tropical Foliage Nursery, supplying florist-quality product to garden centers, interiorscapers, retail foliage departments, re-wholesalers
and brokers.

All of our product is certified to ship into California, Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina. We are also members of the US-Canadian Certification program. 

We have many long-term business relationships due to our consistency is in our products. Each order will be pulled to the customers' specifications. Each plant is inspected to ensure it is shipped pest-free with clean foliage and clean pots.

We are always glad to send a photo of the current crop and welcome guests for visits. Just give us a ring or email with the request. 

Foliage Plant in a Wholesale Nursery


Wekiwa Gardens, Inc. is a second-generation business, having been founded in 1965 and incorporated in 1970 by Paul and Marianne Bellinger. Paul and Marianne emigrated from Germany in 1956 where Paul had been trained in all aspects of agriculture. Working first for a landscape company in Ohio and then several nurseries in Apopka,
Paul and Marianne struck out on their own by growing nursery stock and then eventually flowering indoor plants becoming known for their blooming Aphelandra and African violet production. As a recognized industry leader and respected grower, Paul was inducted into the Nursery Hall of Fame in 1998.

Now in its second generation, their children, Kathrein Bellinger Markle and H Paul Bellinger, along with Paul’s wife Madge, continue to operate the business. The nursery is now up to 4 acres of the greenhouse they grow quality foliage plants.

Long term relationships with our customers were built over many years by supplying plants of consistent, above-average quality. Cleanliness of product and facility, order accuracy, attention to detail, and attentiveness to customer needs are traits that were instilled into the present generation and are a foundation that will continue to serve us well into the future.

Adding Joy to the World one Plant at a Time!

Jake's Trophy - Animal Tails

About Jake

No good farm is a farm without a feisty cat.  Our fearless Jake has been the keeper of our property for many, many years.  He should be on the payroll due to his dedication and commitment to keeping our greenhouses pest-free. 

We hope Jake is still collecting tails over the rainbow bridge. Farewell, old friend. Stay fearless!


5 Star Google Review

"What a delight to share how beautiful the plants are at Wekiva Gardens. Kathrein has helped me out with just the right plant for just the right occasion."

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